The Winter Eleven Lakes Special ( Tour D )

The Winter Eleven Lakes Special ( Tour D )


The Winter Special This tour operates in the winter months weather and numbers permitting from 1st November to the end of February. It is essentially a Tour G and the morning part of tour A to create a full day tour departing at 0945 and returning at approx 1645. There is no boat cruise included and lunch is taken in Grasmere.

For pick ups in Bowness 25 mins before start of tour

For Pick ups in Windermere 15 mins before start of tour.

For Pick Ups in Ambleside  15 Mins after start of tour.

If booking for a tour on the day of the tour (last minute)

Please ring 07824845319  or 01539442751

online bookings sometimes take time to arrive in our system and be seen.

Thank you

For Afternoon Tours

The normal Pick up time is between 1300 and 1320 in the Bowness and Windermere areas and approx 1325 in the Ambleside area.