Full Day Tour

Our full day tours

Operating on a daily basis from 01 March thru 31 October departing Lakes Lodge 0945 or 1000 returning at 1745 approx.

Our Full Day Tours :-

Tour A:-  Coach and Boat to Borrowdale

Tour B :- The Complete Beatrix Potter & Wordsworth Tour

Tour F :- Rocky Mountain High Spectacular

Morning Tour

Our morning tour 

Coded  Tour G  Is the morning part of Tour B except the morning only part(Tour G)  returns to Windermere whilst the Full Day people on Tour B are taking their lunch in Grasmere.  Ideal for people who are departing Windermere in the afternoon and have an early departure schedule.

This tour is designed for lovers of Beatrix Potter and her world famous children’s stories and for those interested in William Wordsworth. This is also a scenic tour exploring the literary associations of southern Lakeland visiting eight  lakes and including the exquisite Tarn Hows – a National Trust property of exceptional natural beauty and once owned by Beatrix Potter.

Operates all year round.

Afternoon Tour

Lakes Supertours operates two afternoon tours .

  1. Tour I  the Eight Northern Lakes which departs in the afternoon at around 1315. Essentially this tour follows the afternoon route of Tours A  and B and commences with a boat cruise on Derwent Water.
  2. Tour J  The afternoon Beatrix Potter & Wordsworth Tour which departs at 1315. Essentially the same as the Morning Tour G but with a boat cruise on Coniston. Operates all year round.

Winter Tour

Tour D :-  The Winter Special.  

Operates through the winter months from 01 November thru 01 March. Essentially this is a full day tour comprising the morning part of Tour A and the afternoon Tour J without the boat ride on Coniston. Departing 0945 and returning 1645. Lunch is taken in Grasmere.

Welcome To The Lake District’s Premier Minibus Tour Company


Lakes Supertours offers day and half‑day tours of the Lake District in eight and sixteen seat minibuses. It’s an experience not to be missed.

For thousands of years, the Lake District has supported miners, metal workers and farmers in one of the most extraordinary landscapes ever known to mankind.

Once dismissed by ‘society’ as a wasteland, the area eventually came to be seen as a place of inspiration for a thousand poets, writers, philosophers, adventurers and artists, including such men and women as William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, John Ruskin and Alfred Wainwright, to name but a few.

Latest Tours

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Morning Beatrix Potter & Wordsworth Lakeland Tour ( Tour G )
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Afternoon 8 Northern Lakes Panoramic Tour( Tour I )
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Coach and Boat to Borrowdale (Tour A)
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Afternoon Beatrix Potter & Wordsworth Lakes Tour ( J )
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The Winter Eleven Lakes Special ( Tour D )
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